From old skool cars to truck week with Fun Furniture Collection

As time goes on as we stay safe at home, keeping busy and creative is an important factor during these interesting times, Last week we chose the theme of Old Skool cars to colour in. We hope these pictures have become a part of your home schooling to add fun to your day.

If you would like any of the pictures above, they are available on our website.

Click on the link to download.

This week, we have chosen truck week as we received a picture from Leighton Fletcher's son of the recovery vehicle. He requested the Lorry that his dad drives, a Merc Atego. This picture is the first of Truck week. Hope everyone enjoys colouring the picture, especially Leighton with your son. #stayhomestaysafe

Day 2 of truck week. Today is the Dennis eagle refuse truck. One of the #keyworkers vehicles. Colour in and say thank you to our bin collectors. #stayhomestaysafe

Please keep watching our webpage each day to see a new picture to colour in, and have fun.

Truck week day 3. Today is the Peterbilt 352 cabover truck. Peterbilt was founded in 1939 and still produces iconic American Big Rigs. Have fun with today's picture. #stayhomestaysafe

Day 4 of our truck week, here is a Mercedes Unimog. Did you know that the first prototype of the Unimog was revealed to the world at the beginning of 1946? Enjoy and colour in and don't forget to tag us. #stayhomestaysafe

Happy Friday! Day 5 of our truck week, here is a Renault Magnum Truck. First launched in 1990, the Magnum was awarded the "International Truck of the Year" in 1991. Have fun colouring in. #stayhomestaysafe

It's the weekend and Day 6 of our truck week, here is one of the Volvo FH Range. Bold, sweeping lines and dynamic, aero-led curves give the Volvo FH its distinctive, purposeful stance. Enjoy your Saturday. #stayhomestaysafe

Sunday, the last day of our truck week. To finish it off here's a Kenworth W900L, an iconic American truck. Don't forget to check in tomorrow for next week's theme. #stayhomestaysafe

You can download all the old and new pictures from our web page.

Stay safe and take care,


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