British classics week with Fun Furniture Collection

We hope you have enjoyed the last few weeks of our creative colouring. If you didn't catch our truck week, here's a a round up of the pictures from last week from Refuge vehicles for our #keyworkers to Volvo's to the American classics.

This week, we bring you British Classic week starting with the Escort RS 2000 MK2 as a request from Marcus Fountain. He sent us a picture of the tractor all coloured in. We hope you and Marcus enjoy today's vehicle. Don't forget to tag us and you can request your favourite road vehicle too. #staysafestayhome

Day 2 of British Classics. Today is the Jensen Interceptor, hand-built at the Kelvin Way Factory in West Bromwich, near Birmingham in England, by Jensen Motors between 1966 and 1976. Enjoy colouring in. #staysafestayhome

British Classics Day 3. Today is the 1970 Bond Bug. A small British two-seat, three-wheeled automobile a wedge-shaped microcar, with a lift-up canopy and side screens instead of conventional doors. Enjoy today's picture.


Day 4 of British Classics brings the Lotus Esprit, built by Lotus Cars at their Hethel factory and was among the first of designer Giorgetto Giugiaro's polygonal "folded paper" designs. Have fun colouring in. #staysafestayhome #captaintom100

Happy Friday! It's day 5 of British Classics . Here is a TVR Tuscan car. The TVR Tuscan was a front engine, rear wheel drive sports car built by TVR from 1967 to 1971 in the company's Blackpool, England factory. Enjoy and don't forget to tag us. #staysafestayhome

Day 6 of British Classics, and the E type Jaguar coupe 1961. It has a top speed of 149.1 mph (240.0 km/h) and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 97 km/h) in 7.1 seconds. Have a good weekend. #staysafestayhome

Last day of British Classics,. Here is the Aston Martin DB5. Best-known cinematic James Bond car, first appearing in the film Goldfinger (1964). We hope you have enjoyed this weeks pictures.

Have a good and safe Sunday. #staysafestayhome

Watch out for next week's theme...

Don't forget you can download all the old and new pictures from our web page.

Stay safe and take care,

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